1. Wear proper school uniform as prescribed, Be neat and tidy. A student will not be permitted in the school premises, If He/She is not in the proper school uniform.
  2. Be punctual-report to school on time everyday. Late arrivals will be marked absent for the day
  3. Cardigan, books, tiffin's, etc. should bear the name of student. The school, is not responsible for stationary, books etc. that pet lost.
  4. Be regular in attendance.Attendace is compulsory on Republic day, Independence Day, Annual Day or seven days before it or any other announced important by the school.A student will not be allowed to appear in the annual examination if her attendance is less than 75%.
  5. Have self-control and maintain discipline in the campus.
  6. Complete all assignments on time
  7. Speak truth and be honest in her dealings.
  8. Respect people, property, authority, learning and self.
  9. Cultivate good habits of obedience and orderliness.
  10. Conduct herself gracefully throughout the day.
  11. Have sense of belongingness to the institution.