Fee Structure

The monthly dues should be paid by the 15th of each month. The names of students having dues of previous two months will struck off from the rolls.

For getting the ward re-admitted a re-admission fee of Rs. 2000/- will be charged

Students using the school transport will have to pay the transport charges for eleven months. In case a student does not wish to avail the transport facility one month's notice in writing will have to be given. Such notices will not be entertained after the month of January.

Admission and Annual Fees, Monthly dues and transport charges will not be refunded if a student is withdrawn from the school. The caution money will be refunded only on producing the receipt.

Your sincere cooperation in matters, relating to the all-round progress of your ward will always be appreciated.

For payments after 15th of every month a flat fine of 50/- will be charged till the payment is deposited.

Scholar withdrawal from school.

Before withdrawing student from the school a calendar months’ notice, in writing is to given by the parents or guardian. A month's fee is to be paid if no prior notice of withdrawal is given.

The School leaving Certificate will be issued only if all the dues have been paid.